CTDSTAR STN345 C Dashboard
STARnet 345(G2) Groups
STARnet Callsign
STARnet Logoff Callsign
User TimeOut (min)inactivity time after which a user will be disconnected
Group TimeOut (min)inactivity time after which the group will be disconnected
STN345 C
STN345 T
STARnet 345(G2) Group Members
STARnet Callsign
Time of Login
Here is how you use it:

First you must be on a system that is running IRCDDB. It can be a ICOM G2 system with the Ircddb addon or a system running Ircddbgateway.

It will NOT work on a vanilla ICOM G2 System.

Then Program a memory as you would to use your local repeater or hotspot.
In the URCALL field put "STN345 C" instead of "CQCQCQ".

Make a second entry that has "STN345 T". The "C" and the "T" must be in the 8th position.
With the "STN345 C" entry make a transmission.

This will log you into the group and you will remain logged in for the amount of time shown in the "UTOT" field from your last transmission to the group.

To converse with the members of the group you would make subsequent transmissions using the "STN345 C" entry.

Switching back to your normal memory location with "CQCQCQ" will stop your transmission from going to the group.
But you will still hear all transmissions to the group from others.

If you desire to leave the group you can make a transmission using the "STN345 T" entry. This will log you out.

During the time you are logged in you can go to any other repeater and carry on conversations.
If someone transmits to the group you will hear it, yes it finds you just as call sign routing does.
Everyone on your local repeater will hear the traffic from the group too but will not be able to respond unless hey program their radios too.

It's that simple.

Feel free to test it out.

When you make a transmission please make it known that you are on STN345 C.

I recommend making your call by saying "yourcall sign" on "STN345 C" or if you are trying to reach someone you know is logged
into the group you could say "their call sign" followed by "your call sign" followed by "STN345 C".
When I call N1KXJ, I typically say "N1KXJ, W1FJM, 345 charlie" then he knows enough to switch his radio so he can talk back to "STN345 C".

Note: if you are linked to a reflector, YOU will continue to hear traffic from the reflector but
others on the reflector will NOT hear the transmission coming from the STARNET group.
Everyone on your repeater with you will hear the STARNET traffic but will NOT be able to talk to the group unless they program their radio to do so.

Let your friends know.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions